About Petro Energy

        Petro Energy Ltd. was created by people with passion and many years of experience in the petroleum industry. 

As a licensed broker liquid fuels we specialize in the supply of fuel oils: light and heavy from reputable Polish and European manufacturers. 

Our aspiration is to market into the ever-growing petrochemical market an innovative product of heating fuels derived from recycling. 

ECOLOGY for us is not an empty slogan, that is why taking care about environmental protection we initiate to produce and market a product from the recycled materials. 

The highest quality and on-time delivery guarantees our customers stable and safe cooperation. 


Fuel Oils

The experience and professional realization of even special orders allows us to create a wide range offer according to individual needs of our Customers
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Energy Department

Our activities include the integration of energy policy with environmental policy. 
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Real Estate

The aim of  PETRO ESTATE is a professional customer service in the field of real estate brokerage. 
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The highest quality and on-time delivery guarantees our Clients stable and safe cooperation.
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About Us

We specialize in the supply of fuel oils. We are actively involved in the project of acquiring fuel oil with recycled products.
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Petro Energy

Stability and Support on the petrochemical market